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With your uber luxurious Laurus handbag, it would be rude to not also treat your style to some small leather goods to match right?

We wanted to make you aware of all the styles we have to offer from tech cases to well crafted croc purses. 

The beautiful Bilbao phone case comes into a variety of different colours and is made from Ostrich or Croc leather depending on your preference. This must-have iPhone case is a unique combination of sensuality, elegance and contemporary design. However if you are not a hard case fan, the elegant Vienna flip case may be a better style for you. These both come in bold and chic colour ways!

Now you’ve got the handbag, the matching phone case, it is time to talk purses! Our purses match all Laurus handbags perfectly so you can either select the same colour way or perhaps mix and match it up depending on your style. The croc Malmo cardholder is perfect if you aren’t one to carry cash, otherwise Bianca is the right match for you as it’s got plenty of built in components and zips up. 

Remember that each and every style is made with love in Italy by hand; we take craftsmanship incredibly seriously and want you to always have high quality pieces of fashion. 


You’re ready to hit the city with your lovely Laurus styles! 


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