Where can I purchase LAURUS Collections?

LAURUS products are sold in LAURUS showroom in Milano and on our website,
In the third and fourth quarter of 2018, Laurus will open retail stores in
London, Zurich and Tokyo. In 2019, Laurus will open pop up stores in Dubai,
Doha, Munich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Singapore. To find the
nearest boutique or pop up to your location, please visit the Boutiques Tab.

Where are LAURUS Collections manufactured?

LAURUS’ creations are proudly handmade and crafted in Milano, Italy where the
LAURUS headquarters and the Leather Craft Workshop is located. This means
that the whole production process, beginning from the designers’ inspiration
sketch to the final handmade product, happens in Italy.

What colors or models are available in my country?

All models and colors shown on this website are available in stock in our
showroom and online and are ready for shipment around the world. Because of
the limited availability of our collections in boutiques, you are encouraged to
visit your nearest boutique to check actual availability of a model or color.

How do I maintain my LAURUS product?

The Leather Care Tab provides some general advice on how to maintain your

Where can I repair my LAURUS product?

Please visit the LAURUS showroom, or boutiques with your product for our
Sales Ambassadors to assist you in sending your item in for repair. You may
find a store located nearest to you in the Boutique Tab.

In the event that you are unable to find a LAURUS boutique near to your
location, please do not hesitate to contact our International Customer Service
Team via our Contact Form to assist you.

About the Repair/Workorder Service

All repairs and workorders are sent back to the LAURUS workshop located in
Milano. It is here where our specialized craftsmen will assess the extent of
damage and provide a definitive quotation on the repairs, replacement and
workmanship charges, in the event the repair is not covered by our lifetime

Repairs may take between 10-15 weeks depending on the condition of the item
and the work involved.

We seek your understanding that not all items are serviceable depending on the
extent of damage, and our repair workshop will not be able to restore your item
back to its original purchased condition due to the effects of environmental
ageing and wear.

How can I obtain a Press Kit?

Please contact our Marketing Department via the Contact Form, for us to supply
you with a Press Kit based on your requirements.

Terms of Usage for Website and Press Material

You may obtain our Press Release documents and information found on this
site, in part or whole, provided the information provided is concise and not
altered in any way that construes the intended purpose or message meant to be

Please quote the brand as LAURUS (in caps) wherever it is referenced and our
website when using information and press
material found on this site.

For more detailed information, kindly contact our Marketing Department via
the Contact Form.

Obtaining a Brand Logo Guidelines Kit

Please contact our Marketing Department for a copy of the Brand Logo
Guidelines kit should you wish to use our logo in your material.


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